Hartley (Harty) du Pont was born in
Morristown, NJ where she attended the Peck School.
Currently a resident of Harding Township, Harty went on to graduate from
The Kent Place School, and earned her B.A. from Bard College. She also
has an M.F.A. degree from Columbia University, where she recently won
an Alumni Medal and is currently the President of the School of the Arts
Alumni, a position she held in the nineties as well.
At Bard College and in her graduate work at Columbia University, du Pont
specialized in printmaking, but more recently she has been doing pastels.
Du Pont has exhibited in many shows, including Barney's New York Red
Window Exhibit, and she has had a solo exhibit at the National Academy of
Design, also in Manhattan. She additionally trained as costumes designer
in New York, and designed costumes for Off Broadway Productions, and
assisted Broadway designers on many shows.
A professional journalist and designer, du Pont had been a sports
columnist for the New York Daily News, and a reporter for the Associated
Press. She has been a feature writer for many national and international
publications, including Elle and Harper's Bazaar magazines.
Du Pont has been the designer of the Winter Ball for The Museum of The
City of New York, and she designs for the New York Horticultural Society.
Her floral designs and decorations have been photographed for
magazines. The viewer can see the influence of both flowers and design in
her work, which is often characterized by intense color. Her art work
resonates with the same vibrancy and drama.